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About us

Walking and Cycling Grants London is a grants programme funded by Transport for London and administered by Groundwork London.
The programme is aimed at groups that are traditionally under-represented in walking and cycling (e.g through income, health, ability, isolation skills and access to information or equipment)

The programme aims to:

  1. Increase walking and cycling in London (including new, lapsed or occasional cyclists)
  2. Increase confidence in walking and cycling
  3. Increase walking and cycling frequency
  4. Make bike ownership more accessible
  5. Introduce exercise to people who are particularly inactive via walking and cycling
  6. Reduce social isolation and getting people involved in their local community

Walking and Cycling Grants London is championing safer and more livable streets by challenging current attitudes to transport, healthy living and the public realm. The programme promotes walking and cycling not only as a means of transport and exercise, but also a route to greater personal freedom, better health and more cohesive communities.
The objective of the programme is to establish successful sustainable projects and strengthen community groups’ capacity for continued development. Funded projects should promote skill-sharing and partnership working to meet the individual needs of local communities, and aim to encourage more walking and cycling, more often and more safely.
The programme provides funding to get walking and cycling projects off the ground or appeal to a new audience. The funding can be used to buy equipment and tools as well as running costs and training for people in the community who are not confident in the walking or cycling ability or who do not walk or cycle at all. It is a great way for communities to set up and run projects that encourage walking and cycling.
Grant administrator Groundwork London has a dedicated Grants Team who work with applications to develop project ideas and provide advice and support through the grant cycle, form offering initial guidance through to supporting implementation and project completion. The organisation also has teams of outreach officers who work with communities across London, so if there are particular groups and audiences you are keen to reach through your project, tailored support can be given to help you achieve this.

Please note that Walking and Cycling Grants London is an extension of Cycling Grants London (CGL) that ran between 2015-2019. The programme is still administered by the same organisation – Groundwork London. Those wishing to apply for a cycling project will still be able to do so under the same principles of this earlier grant scheme and they may now also apply for a walking project. Please read the guidance for further information